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Please take these things!

I have a load of old promotional items from street teaming including stickers, posters, and card things. They're mostly old stuff, but I want to get it off of my hands.

Under the cut includes promo stuff from;

The Academy Is...
Cobra Starship
Phantom Planet

these are a little warped, but they stick just fine, I promise!

these are from the sleeping with giants tour.

this poster is from the tour as well. they have a slight bend in them, but no visible crease.
i can take a better picture and get measurements for you if you'd like.

I don't have too many of these, but still a few.

I have way too many of these, so take all you'd like.

these are like cardstock cards, printed on both sides.

a lot of these phantom planet stickers too.

this poster is printed on both sides, and I have a lot of them as well.

clearly, I can't send this stuff for free, but any donation to shipping would be really great (at least $3, depending on what you'd like shipped and how). I need to make some money to go to Chicago to see someone for valentines day. sappy, I know. but don't we all believe in a little love?!

I have a paypal which would work the best but can accept cash as well.

Please help a girl out!!
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