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Help please!

For my Intro to Marketing the Arts class I'm marketing This Providence's performance at Bamboozle and have a questionnaire I need 30 people to do so if anyone could help me out under the cut that'd be appreciated. only like 10 multiple choice questions!


What is your age range?

A. 15-18
B. 19-22
C. 23-26
D. 27-31
E. 31+

What group of the Fueled By Ramen artists below are you most likely to see perform?

A. Forgive Durden, Gym Class Heroes, Powerspace
B. The Academy Is…,The Cab, Cobra Starship
C. Panic at the Disco, Cute is What We Aim For, Paramore
D. This Providence, The Hush Sound, A Rocket to the Moon
E. Other (please specify 3)

Do you listen to This Providence?

A. Yes
B. No

Out of the following Fueled By Ramen Alumni who do you listen to/have you listened to the most?

A. Fall Out Boy
B. Jimmy Eat World
C. Less than Jake
D. Punchline
E. The A.K.A.s

How often do you attend live performances of FBR Artists or Alumni?

A. 0-3 times a year
B. 4-7 times a year
C. 8-10 times a year
D. 10 or more times a year
E. Other

How much money are you willing to pay for a live performance?

A. $5 - $15
B. $16 - $26
C. $27 - $37
D. $38 - $48
E. $49+

How far are you willing to travel to see a live performance?

A. 25 miles from my home
B. 50 miles from my home
C. 75 miles from my home
D. 100 miles from my home
E. 125 or more from my home

Name any music festivals you have attended in the past 5 years:

A. Warped Tour
B. Pitchfork
D. Lollapalooza
E. Bonnaroo

Have you ever attended Bamboozle?

A. Yes
B. No

Do you prefer an inside or outside performance?

A. Inside (climate controlled)
B. Outside
C. No Preference

If yes, explain your experience:

A. Poor
B. Fair
C. Satisfactory
D. Good
E. Excellent
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